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Promise of a Better Day

I’ve regressed to listening to awesome old Taking Back Sunday demos. Shut up, it’s awesome. Although, I don’t really have anything to say about beautiful girls. Except, you know.

Obviously, you understand that I’ve been on vacation in the French Alps with Louis Garrell for the last three months – by which I mean we started our blog at work and now I don’t have time to write for my own. Which may be is a good thing, yeah?

Working on the WORK BLOG has pulled me back into a sort of nostalgia for all the great, weird chapter books I loved when I was a kid – so I thought in my return to El Blogacabre, I was going to list out some of my favorites… but then I just ended up reading about them on Wikipedia and falling into a spiral of meeeeeeeemories.

Although, I think everyone could do with a reread of Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar.

I’ve spent a lot of this post talking about things I can’t or won’t say. Talk about postmodern blogging.

… God, I’m an asshole.

But it’s strange, it’s not like I’ve run out of things to rant about – good ole’ T-bone and I just had a great debate (read as: ridiculous argument) over whether or not a book’s classification as Literary Fiction hinders its potential sales. Or its sales potential. Whatever.

We’re real smart over hurr.

Any way, maybe it’s because there really is only so much you can say on the internet? Or maybe I’ve just run out of steam – it was a very hectic summer. (I’m saying this both mysteriously and elusively.)

… This is mostly untrue, I blogged this summer, I just did it on my side-project. I’m like Tom Delong and whatever the name of his crappy side project is.

The side project failed kind of, because I didn’t follow through. As usual.


Boy, oh boy, … and now I’m thinking about Joe Pesci in With Honors and now I’m even sadder. Good Lord, media culture- what hath you wrought?

O, readers, all three of you, aren’t you glad for my return?

Alright, I’m going offline.


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