I am, like, so ovur the Internet. (lies)

Remember those days when we could spend forever on the internet perusing tripod  and geocities webpages of our favorite actors and boy bands?  (ahem).

… Maybe it’s just me.

Above is an angelfire site designed by my cousin pre social networking days… and it’s so perfectly indicative of what “cool websites” used to look like, I couldn’t help myself. (please disregard my excessive use of tabs. I have a problem.)

Anyhow, so Internet and I have known each other a long time, more than ten years now I guess. Got my first screenname (via AOL of course… oh shoot, they’re Aol now aren’t they?) at the tender age of 13 – Pretti, for those of you who care. I’m still convinced my brother couldn’t spell my name right, but that’s neither here nor there.

Sidenote: Did you know kids born in 2000 have no idea what the dial up sound means? You all just heard it in your head, didn’t you?

At first, holy crap there was so much to do! So many chatrooms, so many creepy people to talk to!


And the websites, oh man – ohai backstreet.net

It occurs to me that I’m probably revealing more about myself than I should be – but such is our life on the internet now. Look at my life, read about it, and then comment and tell me what you think about me, please.


So, ten plus years with the internet, I find myself missing that spark, that connectivity we used to share. Those days of yore –

Stumbleupon could have brought that back, but it’s been repeating itself lately and that depressed me far more than it should have.

Is it me? I mean, did I do something to offend you o, Internet Gods?

I kid, I kid. Sort of.

Don’t get me wrong – I would probably die without those series of tubes connecting us all together. I mean, what do you do without the internet? I was out of the country for about a month recently, and every time I got to check my email or update facebook, it was like a fix that I needed.

I’m trying to pinpoint exactly when my trouble started – maybe it’s the explosion of the term Social Media. I’ve bitched about it before here, mostly with regards to my industry of choice.

Wikipedia’s got an interesting definition of the term:

Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media uses Internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.”

“Democratization of knowledge” and “content producers” just sounds so great, doesn’t it? Of course, then we have to ask, who do we trust as experts, and how do we find these experts in the new world?

I’ve strayed from my point… or maybe created it. Who knows? (OnoesNoseKnows)

How do we find quality? Sometimes, I find myself just cycling through the same sites over and over again, (most of which may or may not be gossip/news blogs because I am a very nosy person). But really, recently I’ve been finding myself just staring at my laptop in consternation, “… What am I supposed to do with you today? I’m not sure I really need anything from you.” Then the apple on the back anthropomorphizes and starts crying. It’s all fairly embarrassing for everyone involved.

But then, even though I don’t necessarily have that same NEED TO BE ONLINE ALL THE TIME OMG, and I know I use our world wide wafting web for different things than I used to – I’ll never really be over the internet. I just love it so hard.

If it weren’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t be half as informed as I was about publishing or ebooks as I am. If it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have, you know, 20 friends + 450 that I kind of remember from college and high school. If it wasn’t for LiveJournal, I wouldn’t be able to remember the nerdbomber that I used to be am. (Also, I’d never have met my movie soulmate). I mean thanks to the internet, my cousin can instantaneously gchat me a youtube video, and then say, “This isn’t anything you’re going to be interested in,” and I’m going to click play any way because it opened up right above his head and what the hell, why not? (I was not interested, but I was okay with it).

Dear Internet,

I love you. I love you more than Lady Gaga hates pants. I love you more than Jeff Bezos loves control. I love you so much I don’t think I’ll ever find a boyfriend.

Sometimes, I take advantage of you I know that, and I’m sorry. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. And it doesn’t mean I want you to be regulated or anything. I love you just the way you are. Huge and awkward and free, sometimes lewd and uncomfortable for everyone else in the room. You’re, yeah, wow, lovely.

Thank you for being you, Internet. I’ll never let you go. They’ll have to pry you out of my cold, dead fingers. For sure.

Love, Preeti.

That being said, here’s fun stuff I found on the internet recently.

(This post devolved real quick like, didn’t it?)

Here’s Jake Gyllenhol photobombing the shit out of Ang Lee. Makes me lol irl, srsly.

This is a Crabbit. And it’s what I found when I googled the phrase: “Cat what”

And this is a song from an awesome Indian movie I saw in the theater last Thursday. Then I got home and got to watch it on youtube. (Where I bemoaned Kareena Kapoor’s dancing and ugly, ugly horse face.) (… Please don’t sue me.)

BAI. (happy emoticon.)



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11 responses to “I am, like, so ovur the Internet. (lies)

  1. Your journey here made me think of my own internet story. Though I was first indoctrinated to post poetry on the Pokemon Abode–despite my hatred for Pokemon–and I choose my first search engine (Google) and email account (gURL) from teen girl magazines I read at the time. I made my first website using Homestead to immortalize my love for Sailor Moon and her daughter Rini/Chibiusa/Mini Moon, etc.

    Now I’m through college and into grad school and while I have my own domain, blog, LJ, FB, Myspace (ew), chat only on Steam—having given up AIM after all my friends left it—I find myself doing the same thing you do: there’s nothing to do online today. But here I am, instead of nose deep in homework, responding to a blog that is in my RSS feeder.

    I’m rather shocked/feel horrorifying old about the little side note that 10 year olds have no idea what the dial-up sound is. >_> I’ve only been online for that long!

    • i know! it’s kind of terrifying the way kids born post 2000 react to the internet. (yeesh)

      thanks for stopping by though – i love that i’m on an rss feed haha. oh internet validation, so delicioussss.

  2. This post was awesome and highly symptomatic of your e-ADD.

    Oh man, we had dial-up at the house I grew up in until, like, 7 months ago. It totally prevented identity thieves from stealing my information and also allowed me to sharpen my FreeCell skills while I waited for any one page to load.

  3. Bethany

    you’ve gotten it all. very satisfying read. and that crabbit is crazy!

  4. Celiaaaaaa

    My aim name was VitellusD, after looking up obscure words on Google and adding a D at the end to make it look like the anime InitialD. And yet I still use it for my twitter…I’m stuck in the turn-of-the-century. And I’m a nerd.

    Also, Amanda–totally used the Internet to look up stuff on Sailor Moon! Those were the days.

  5. hhhheeeeeraru

    ….this is only a phase.

  6. Bhairavi

    Cheers Preeti!

    Love your take! Comforting to know that some emots are still shared with you younguns!

    To us- late baby boomer gens -who were around when lap tops kicked off in little radioshack do it yourself boxes in the late seventies –in as-before you were born decades- – – the internet space – paradoxically- even though it is now “where every man has gone before”vs “where no man has gone before”-is still intimidating but exciting and addictive and never ending and Alice like wonderland – a gateway to young views, wonderous creatures, other people’s vicarious lives, floating thoughts, beautiful horizons, dangers, black holes and exploding phenomena!!

    I don’t think we know how to react yet— who knows? – this total instant access to everything and everyone- gorging on the trivia and information apple – is doing to our collective Jungian psyche! Who knows? – should we look forward to the birth of Herculean internet Heroes?

    On the flip side – every bit of information about me, about everyone–??every click, every penny spent, every habit is out there and captured for everyone to see?/ Is this to validate me?? Is this really me?And who is interested?? (Except those selling something to me?/) But who cares- it is still breathtakingly free exchange of information and I love the “democratizing of knowledge” -no more Brahmins hording Sanskrit and Latin hymns in their temple archives–the internet gopher has it all and gives it to Jeeves–!Just ask!

    Anyway, I am supposed to exercise and go out and talk to friends face to face (no tweets- memory check- do I remember the face?)and build real life bonds and live my life in real time in real fresh air- front of me–but where is the time?? The internet ate it up!!

  7. Oh god, I remember I was around 12 when we got AOL, my dad let me go on his name, but then when i got my own he put parental locks on my account so I could only go into total geek chat rooms (surprise) i met a boy from canada in a DC Comics room.

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