this has got to be the twilight zone

’cause shit, son – I don’t know what to say if it’s not.

I wasn’t really sure how to start this post – mostly because there’s so, so much anger and frustration and complete confusion as to how we could have fucked up so royally. Equality was denied once again. Only this time it was in what is supposed to be the most accepting place in the country.

I know, I know, that’s just the city. Well, what the hell do you have without us, New York? The rest of you should move to Kansas with the Phelps family, where you belong. Iowa is better than you, do you understand that? Iowa. Is. Better. Than. You. You used to be cool New York. I used to really dig you. You’ve been my home, my goal for so long, I can barely think of another place on earth I’d rather be (ahem, Iowa). You are coming dangerously close to losing the best thing about you. Everyone has (had?) a place here. It’s your go to if you don’t fit in, or even if you do – there is something for everyone in New Yo’k Citay. (Again, I know, that’s just the city). We are hip and trendy and smart and we KNOW that there is a distinct separation between church and state.

… At least, some of us do. Not so much the following democratic leaders who voted against equality: Carl Kruger, Bill Stachowski, Ruben Diaz Sr., Joe Addabbo, Darrel Aubertine, Hiram Monserrate, Shirley Huntley and George Onorato. You obviously do not represent me. I spent eight years not being represented by my federal and my state government, so I don’t know why I’m so lost now that it’s happened again.

Where were you today, New York? Did you get stoned and forget that we’re supposed to represent America as it should be and not as it is?

I wonder if this is how intelligent people in California feel.

I realize that I’m not quite as close to this issue as some of my friends, you know, being a straight woman and all. And I’ve been asked before: Why the huge interest in gay rights when it has nothing to do with you. To that I say, um hai. BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO RESPOND TO SUCH RIDICULOUSNESS.

Or this.

But seriously. The key words are Civil Rights (say it with me now, Ciiiiviiil Riiiiights). This is something that belongs to everyone. Who the hell are you to decide what goes on in my life just because I don’t adhere to your belief system. Growing up, we all learn that America is a “melting pot” – many different cultures and religions all thrown together in a giant bowl or something. Whatever. Then you get older and realize what bullshit that is, because the guys in charge, if you are not white and Christian… well kid, they just don’t give a fuck. So when you decide you can’t be for a cause, or don’t care about a cause, because it’s not your particular minority that’s getting beat down – don’t forget, we’ve all been there.

Every time equality loses, we’re going back in time. It was just recently that some dickhole judge denied a couple a marriage license because they were two different races. And yeah, he got ridiculed and mocked and all sorts of good fun by the shitty journalists we have left – but his state’s representative said nothing. Which is to say either he agreed with him and so didn’t want to chastise him or the higher ups agreed with him and wouldn’t let this guy talk. Either way, that’s a problem. Um hello, I want to marry Louis Garrell and have little indo-franco bebes. That is not going to happen if some dickhole judge decides I can only marry an Indian guy. What the eff. INDO-FRANCO BEBES. Je repeat.

Like this adorable baby who may or may not be French or Indian but came up in the Google search when I typed in “French Indian Baby” so there.

We are being represented by people who do not give two shits about us and who do not understand that religion has very little place in our government. You’ve turned religion into something ugly you crazy bastards. And it is not.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the few who can consider themselves a “true American” (Priveleged, White, Straight, Christian, Male) – then kudos to you. You got the genetic goldmine! If you weren’t doing this already, you should pat yourself on the back, twatbomb. I’m sure you just don’t know what it means to be excluded or treated strangely because you’ve always “fit in.”

This really is a cause that is close to my heart, because if one group can have their rights taken away for being different, not a single one of us is safe. Remember that a vote for inequality means we are saying that in America difference is to be feared and rejected.

Civl rights are human rights. How can you disagree with that?

There’s more to be said, as ever, on the subject – but I’m playing myself out with Senator Diane Savino’s speech. She says it better than I ever could:

P.S. To all the kids out protesting today and to the marriage equality team – amazing. You made the day a little better.



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2 responses to “this has got to be the twilight zone

  1. All Beef Pateenz

    I hope I run into Senora Diane Savino on the streets of NYC. I swear. I will burst into tears if I see that wonderful, wonderful woman. And I would just like to say, a proverbial/imaginary NYState toke-session would NOT lead to this kind of cuntfuckery that has occurred. This is why I want to be a travel writer, while I’m not busy writing my own novels and short stories, because I’m starting to really, really, really hate this country. Ruben Diez…what a piece of filthy shit. The idea that ANY minority of ANY kind can summon up the fucking gall to deny ME my human rights to marry some hot top is UNBELIEVABLE! I am a hispanic, gay as hell male and I say none of these American rights belong to you Diez. You should be thanking your lucky stars that as a minority in this country, somehow someway, you were enabled to have the voice that you do. And you utilize it to deny people their rights!? Are you fucking kidding me!? How is this double standard even possible?! And I hate when people tell me that this struggle and the Civil Rights movement are not the same thing. Listen to me, Mr. Black or Mrs. Black or whoever was affected by the Civil Rights movement and yet feels they have license to put me in my “down little fag, down” place – FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!

  2. Electric Chocolate

    Am I for or against same-sex marriage? I am choice C. Rescind ALL marriage licenses. A-L-L. The government has no place in the realm of Love. Sadly, my proposition would stir the hetero-love pot and cause the “normies” to get their panties in an uproar, so less likely to happen than same-sex marriage Separate church and state, separate love and state. Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying outlaw marriage, I am saying take marriage out of the law. Let love exist either within the confines of that relationship or within the confines of religious orthodoxy, not within the confines of the law. (Or hey, if you are into it, without any confines at all…or with LOTS of confines…) Perhaps choice C is too idealistic, but I question why the government needs to know that people are married to each other. Really why? Please explain. Love and devotion do not need rings and ceremony to be legitimized, the acts of love and devotion legitimize themselves. I always thought it would be a more wonderful thing to be devoted to a person withOUT the bond of marriage, as if to say, my bond is stronger than your traditional, ceremonial bond. (show me another heterosexual who understands that!) But when my idealism fails, the best thing is equality, so today is a sad day in NY, we are one step farther from equality.

    Moving forward seriously, let there be a separate legal contract(s) for the “In the event of…” tragedies (I hearby allow So-and-So to to remove my feeding tube…) and, lesser so, taxation purposes. The government should stick to the realms that it is most familiar with, spending other people’s money and saying “No” to things.

    And sure, let religious institutions remain discriminatory against homosexuality (cause they’ll change…), though I will shoot a curious glance at the Bahá’í Faith where multi-ethnic, interracial babies are nearly requisite (aside: Bahá’í stance on same-sex marriage is similar to other traditional religious institutions D:. But hey your Indo-Franco Baby is allowed and encouraged :D. Interesting looking children…GO!)

    The last two minutes of Senator Savino’s speech is gold. (Girls are socialized to be a bride from a young age) She begs the question if does America even value marriage, heterosexual or homosexual anymore? By her examples, commitment and loyalty are treated with levity. Sigh. (though her examples are cable television, so that is a problem…)

    Speaking of civil rights, if Iran can say nuclear power is a civil right, then why can’t we as a nation say universal healthcare is a civil right?

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