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Two Week’s Worth of Time Off

from blogging. But not from real life.

In which I discuss things that come into my head.

So, I’m not going to make this a publishing centered blog – for serious, because I know a lot of people just. don’t. care. (which I could go on to say “is the problem.” but I won’t.) However, as now is a tremulous time in the industry, and I hold a lot of anger in my heart, there may be rash posts with lots of words about how everyone is fucking everything up. That being said, this is not one of those posts. (mostly).

This post will begin with me talking about other people’s babies. I saw the cutest baby ever on the train the other day. I know I say that often, but this time, boy do I mean it.

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

Like, if there was a rictor scale for cute, this baby wouldn’t even register she was so darn cute eating her pink cookie.

like this, but totally better.

So, in searching for a baby picture to use – found out: not all babies are cute. Wow. people have a lot of ugly babies. And shoot, I don’t feel bad for saying that. Apparently, there are also alot of “Michelin man babies” – which I will not put up here because it kind of skeeves me out. Seriously. Oh, poor, poor chubby, segmented babies. (I almost googled “segmented babies” just to see, and then realized what it could show me and decided against it.)

I’m glad I’m going to know so much about things I am not interested in.

I’d like to take the time now to reflect on some of the previous posts excitement. So, I’ve had time to calm down since the big announcement. Turns out it’s not nearly as awesome as we’d all hoped. (insert sad george michael gif here). Sure I can lend you one of my books, but only once. And, word on the street is, most publishers don’t want anything to do with it any way because (gasp) they’re afraid of the repercussions. Because oh, god – what will happen if people start lending books?!

The best part of this post is that I found a super fun blog while I was searching for macros. Freakin sweet google karma! Anyhow, so yes – the Nook is still exciting because I do think it’s targeting us reading-oriented-folks, but it won’t be nearly as groundbreaking as it needs to be. Sigh.

I realize this isn’t the most coherent blog entry, but I think there might have been some sort of logical train of thought maybe. Who knows? My fingers generally get on the keys and think for me. Articles tell me that you shouldn’t blog without a message. I think this may have been my way of rebelling.


Um, I mean. Jay-kay. Sigh. (coy)

Maybe it’s a good thing that I have to go to a social media meeting at 9 am tomorrow morning. Sigh. Obviously, I do not know what I am doing. Damn, son. Get off my back. It’s interesting to me how inevitably, you see generational gaps when learning about media that nobody really totally gets yet. You can have three teachers teaching the same subject with wildly different information. So much of it is trial and error any way. Make your own way, holmez.

How many of these words do you think are going to disappear in five years: widgets, tweeting, apps? Maybe not disappear, but certainly shift and evolve into something else. Maybe combine, Twidgets! (… I kind of love that, not gonna lie.) Any way –

… Let’s do something fun!

Fuck yeah NPH.

I used to know this by heart. A long time ago.

And I’ll leave you with the creepiest video ever:

Maybe I should just start doing a lot of lists. What do you (THE READERS) think? (I almost bolded that ‘t’, that would have been embarrassing).

Funnel is a funny word.




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