i think i’m falling apart

like, literally.

Before I begin, it should be noted that there will be pictures / videos in this post not pertaining to the subject at hand. I just know how much you kids like pictures and videos.

look how creepily alike Zac Efron is to Death Notes Serial Killer Light. WEIRD.

look how creepily alike Zac Efron is to Death Note's Serial Killer Light. WEIRD.

i think my foot is going to fall off at the ankle. my right ankle’s been hurting for the past few days – but not in a sprained kind of a way. in a, i’m fine walking on it for a few minutes, and then the shooting pain starts.

i’m less of a panic!doctor kind of person and more of a “let’s sleep on it and see if it goes away” kinda gal. of course, this is why i spent four days in bed w/ bronchitis in June, wondering why oh WHY wasn’t the nyquil and the mucinex and the orange juice making the cold just die. (… because it wasn’t a cold. geddit?).  Any how, having not sufficiently learned my lesson, I keep sleeping on it – well not on it per say, that would be counter productive – you know what I mean – expecting it to get better.

Oh GQMFs, yer awesome. Next time: Lord Byron. Srsly.

Oh GQMFs, yer awesome. Next time: Lord Byron. Srsly.

I’m starting think I should change my name to one of the following:

a) Quasimoto
b) Tiny Tim
c) Crutchy

So, that’s my right foot story – capiche?

This morning, my company sent out a “Free Flu Shot” internal memo alerting that we, the employees, were welcome to parttake in free chemicals being shoved into our arms by way of a tiny, tiny needle. I ask you, how could I resist?

this hamster is insane and i wish i could move that fast in real life. instead of in my dreams. of being the flash.

What I’d forgotten, is that flu shots make your arm hurt all day. So my left arm is killing me. And my right foot is kind of useless. I may as well have phantom limbs. … Except that I’m typing with my left hand, so that’s not entirely true.

Maybe this whole post was a lie. How about that? I’m an unreliable narrator. Ever think of that? Hmmm?

and we’re out. I’m droppin’ the mic’, yall.



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12 responses to “i think i’m falling apart

  1. Bethany

    that was exhausting, dude.

  2. Cozi

    Edgar Allan Fucking Poe. Wow. That was great, so thanks for that.

  3. JoAnna

    I refuse to believe that you’re an unreliable narrator because if you are it means you’re lying to me in real life, too. Maybe you’re just trying to garner my sympathy so that you can change our roommate dynamics to your benefit. Holy shit, I think you are some sort of blogging/interpersonal relationship mastermind.

  4. Johnny Virtue

    you are a boring narrator. you are like reading paint dry. which makes no sense. like you. gross.

  5. Celiaaaaaa

    I’ve been waiting for months for MmmmPow Hedgie to make a comeback. Unreliable narrator or no, that pic is a winner, dude. Also Edgar Allan Poe. ‘Nuff said.

  6. heerrararararar


    edgar. yessssss.


    Or, you’ve been bitten by a zombie and that is the point of infection. Your roommates better fucking run, Zombie-Preeti.

    Speaking of which:


    arrr har har har har. The actual forms are hurlarious.

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