remember when we used to be smart?

i totally just spelled “smart” as “smark” the first time around. I’m going to pretend that that is a new way to say “snarky smart!” And no one can stop me. Come on, all together now – SMARK!

Anyhow. So remember when we used to be smart? I’m reading (okay, so wordpress doesn’t recognize key-strokes. lame.) The Elegance of the Hedgehog (linked, but not to Amazon*). It contains a lot of psycho-literary theory and philosophy, and I’ve found myself taking notes in a book… something I haven’t done in like… well, since I took my last English class in undergrad.

It has also allowed me to see that I can’t think as critically as I used to – which is depressing. Or maybe not. A lot of the book concerns intellectualism, and what qualifies you as a worthwhile intellectual versus a not-worthwhile intellectual. (my answer: elegantly disheveled hair). It got me thinking, I’m going to see if I still understand some of the old papers I wrote for classes in college. Oh, God. What have I started?

… I was going to post some key quotes here. But I’ve changed my mind. This post is now going to be about this cat catching a bat:




You have been sufficiently distracted. I SAY GOOD DAY.

*Jeff Bezos is the devil.


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14 responses to “remember when we used to be smart?

  1. E

    I totally agree with all of the above (except the part about Jeff Bezos. All hail the Kindle.) … I found old undergrad papers from college and I seriously questioned whether I really wrote them, and if so, HOW?! And yes, it made me feel the opposite of smark.

  2. heerrararararar

    HOW ABOUT YOU UPDATE MORE. I’m following your blog. So uh. DON’T BE A PUNK.

  3. Celiaaaaaa

    I would argue that in college we weren’t necessarily smart…just better at BS-ing. How’d you like them apples, eh?

    It’s going to be an uproarious discussion Friday. Can’t wait for doppelgangers to come up.

  4. Electric Chocolate

    I’m not looking back in fear of truly seeing how very inferior I’ve become.

  5. sea_squared

    I however am going to sit quietly in the Hedgehog discussion group, seeing as I have skipped most of the “psycho-literary theory and philosophy” you refer to.

    However, from the bits I have read, I find this book to be interesting on a compositional level. Let me explain, I am looking at it not as a reader, but a designer. I hope that makes sense…more to come on Friday.

    ps. write more, i like your blog. kthnxbye.

  6. CMH

    The last time I moved, I found a binder with all my English lit and poli sci papers. It blew my mind that my young 18-22 year old self was actually that intelligent and sometimes smark, lol Sigh, real life and age has rotted my brain and now I can barely put this sentence together.

  7. CMH

    Oh, and another thing, that cat video is CRAZY. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like cats.

  8. hahaha…it’s like how in class yesterday, no one could remember that algebra exists…let alone how to do it!

  9. I say, it’s never too late to comment and this is just amazing. You’re brilliant. I love you.

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