my roommate is wrong about everything.

In which I discuss how my roommate is wrong about everything.

Especially about how delicious it is to mix hot sauce and maple syrup to make a delicious sweet & spicy chutney for your waffle. No seriously.

First take your waffle:

hello, waffle.

hello, waffle.

Then, take yer syrup:

Now here’s where it could get tricky. Don’t put the syrup in the waffle – ctrl+v. Put the syrup in a small bowl. You’re going to be dipping.

Then add a bit of the hot sauce (how much depends on how spicy you want your sweet to be):

Mix up using a piece of your waffle – I mean, why dirty cutlery if you don’t have to – AMIRIGHT? And there you have it. Deliciousness.



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16 responses to “my roommate is wrong about everything.

  1. I mean, this is gross, right? I get spicy and sweet, when it’s BBQ sauce … on a delicious meat product. But on a waffle? I think not.

    ❤ you though!

  2. Johnny Virtue

    …aaaaaaaaand I’m a muse, as well.

    • intentsandpurposes

      I’m really surprised ben wouldn’t hop all over this…is it the syrup he’s opposed to? I mean…he’s the one that taught me hot sauce on bagels, and hot sauce in soup, and hot sauce in my chocha…oh wait. he didn’t teach me that. I think that was amanda jones.

  3. rahawa

    =/ Sry. It’s honey all the way for me.

  4. Electric Chocolate

    Why not fold it and make a waffle taco?

  5. G Dolla

    I think I just threw up a little….

  6. Celiaaaaaa

    You know as a Korean I’m obligated to support you on this hotsauce endeavor. Doubly so because I can’t and will not ever side with Ben. In the end, though, I’m srsly craving Taco Bell.

  7. Alexander

    OMG you know….it sounds crazy…but then I tried it for myself. Two things to say: 1) Nom! 2) Taco Bell hot sauce is the only way to go with this one. Trust me, before long, Sylvia’s and Amy Ruth’s are going to be all over this shit.

  8. raffa87

    This has a whole hierarchy of wrong. Of which I cannot go into because I’m busy creating a kick ass blog.

  9. JoAnna

    You know I tried this with you that one time we made like a thousand pancakes. And you know that I did not hate it so…this post better be about Ben.

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