this is a PPZripoff post, suckas.

Some choice tweets from the Pride & Prejudice Ripoff title game on Twitter (#PPZRipoffs) (courtesty of the always genius @tordotcom):

some of mine (not like you can’t see them on the twitter feed to your right, but ‘tevz. my blog. my rulez. hence: suckas)

The Elegance of Sonic the Hedgehog: A Memoir
The Princess Bridezilla
Alice in Zombieland

From @zacktly:

The Adventures of Tom Slayer and Huckleberry Finncubus
Mothmansfield Park
Anna Kareninja

From @tingerson:

Last Exit to Sobriety
The Hungover Games

The always lovely @viviancthorne

Eat Him Not Her! A Zombie’s Survival Guide
Howard’s Gruesome End

Gotta love those twitter games. (I know I do). Now I will just sit here and wait for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

No, rly. I will.



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2 responses to “this is a PPZripoff post, suckas.

  1. i love that game. endless fun. Pre, you’re making my slacker friday perfect.

  2. Vivian Thorne

    I feel so famous!

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