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remember when we used to be smart?

i totally just spelled “smart” as “smark” the first time around. I’m going to pretend that that is a new way to say “snarky smart!” And no one can stop me. Come on, all together now – SMARK!

Anyhow. So remember when we used to be smart? I’m reading (okay, so wordpress doesn’t recognize key-strokes. lame.) The Elegance of the Hedgehog (linked, but not to Amazon*). It contains a lot of psycho-literary theory and philosophy, and I’ve found myself taking notes in a book… something I haven’t done in like… well, since I took my last English class in undergrad.

It has also allowed me to see that I can’t think as critically as I used to – which is depressing. Or maybe not. A lot of the book concerns intellectualism, and what qualifies you as a worthwhile intellectual versus a not-worthwhile intellectual. (my answer: elegantly disheveled hair). It got me thinking, I’m going to see if I still understand some of the old papers I wrote for classes in college. Oh, God. What have I started?

… I was going to post some key quotes here. But I’ve changed my mind. This post is now going to be about this cat catching a bat:




You have been sufficiently distracted. I SAY GOOD DAY.

*Jeff Bezos is the devil.


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i woke up this morning and my body was like “you’re a jerk.”

in which I create a post with a lost of videos.

things not to do during Navaratri: go to power yoga the night before garba.

… definitions:

Navaratri: Nava = 9, rātrī = nights, is a Hindu festival of worship and dance. The word Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit; Nava meaning Nine and Ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshipped.
(wiki link)

Garba: is an Indian form of dance that originated in the Gujarat region. (wiki link)

I had to search through a bunch old Ba garbas (… garbas for old people) to find a decent clip of one from youtube, so here you go:

I’m not going to find one for Raas, you kids can do that yourselves. For serious. I don’t like any of you that much. 😀

So anyway, I had a total bollywood night last night. Including, but not limited to:

Running in the rain in our Indian clothes:

Playing Antakshari:

Antakshari is an Indian song game where you sing two lines from a song and the next player sings a song with the last sound of the previous song. IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER. Everyone on the NJT loved it. Even the guy who shushed us.

and Dancing at the Train station:

The whole night was, as garba always is, amazingly awesome and fantastic. And, in sticking with tradition, now my legs feel like they’re going to fall off. Or at least go on strike. So anyhow, there’s your cultural lesson for the day.

In other news. I was watching SNL clips this morning, and Keenan has a new character. Who may or may not be an intentional derivative of one of his much older characters.

Jean K. Jean (2009):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And, lest we forget, PIERRE ESCARGOT:

Seriously SNL, let’s get some original ideas. bahahaha. “May I blow my nose on your sandwich? HO HO HO HO”

And now to end with a random line from James about poor Tim Tebow’s concussion and flu yesterday:

James: i was hoping he was throwing up because he was actually gay and suffering from body issues. in my eyes, he was loosing weight to ask me to marry him.


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my roommate is wrong about everything.

In which I discuss how my roommate is wrong about everything.

Especially about how delicious it is to mix hot sauce and maple syrup to make a delicious sweet & spicy chutney for your waffle. No seriously.

First take your waffle:

hello, waffle.

hello, waffle.

Then, take yer syrup:

Now here’s where it could get tricky. Don’t put the syrup in the waffle – ctrl+v. Put the syrup in a small bowl. You’re going to be dipping.

Then add a bit of the hot sauce (how much depends on how spicy you want your sweet to be):

Mix up using a piece of your waffle – I mean, why dirty cutlery if you don’t have to – AMIRIGHT? And there you have it. Deliciousness.


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things you should know: I am a nerd.

and so: Merlin*. (i’m currently waiting for it to buffer, because while NPH is awesome, his Dr. Horrible spot on the Emmy’s didn’t actually teach me anything.)
Colin Morgan** as Merlin

Colin Morgan** as Merlin

I like that every time something could “destroy Camelot,” Uther sends out his heir apparent to kill it. Uther is a moron. It’s like, yes, please keep putting Arthur in harm’s way even though you’re not married and you don’t have any other kids. Jesus. He’s seriously the worst king ever. Also, every time something goes wrong, he locks away the poor people and Arthur (‘cuz you know he noble and shit) has to go save them. By which I mean, Merlin hides behind the scenes and does some sorcery and saves everyone, and then someone else takes the credit. Sigh.

(time break)

I tried to find a video of this idiocy, you know, a mash up… of course, all that came up was Merlin/Arthur shipper fan videos. God, people are weird. Anyhow, since I couldn’t find that nonsense, and since I really do honestly enjoy the show, here’s the season 2 trailer:

Squee. Arthur and Gwen sittin’ in a tree – ohaithar Lancelot!

*I realize that the series is ridiculously inaccurate, and that merlin and arthur and gwen and morgana couldn’t have possibly have known each other as teenagers, but i don’t care.
**Colin Morgan is my boyfriend.


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this is a PPZripoff post, suckas.

Some choice tweets from the Pride & Prejudice Ripoff title game on Twitter (#PPZRipoffs) (courtesty of the always genius @tordotcom):

some of mine (not like you can’t see them on the twitter feed to your right, but ‘tevz. my blog. my rulez. hence: suckas)

The Elegance of Sonic the Hedgehog: A Memoir
The Princess Bridezilla
Alice in Zombieland

From @zacktly:

The Adventures of Tom Slayer and Huckleberry Finncubus
Mothmansfield Park
Anna Kareninja

From @tingerson:

Last Exit to Sobriety
The Hungover Games

The always lovely @viviancthorne

Eat Him Not Her! A Zombie’s Survival Guide
Howard’s Gruesome End

Gotta love those twitter games. (I know I do). Now I will just sit here and wait for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

No, rly. I will.


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haters gon’ hate.

Gotta love the reflective lenses.

Gotta love the reflective lenses.

The westboro church is being kind enough to come to this, the great free liberal hellhole: New York City. (But not the Bronx.) They’re going to picket at the Yale Student’s Memorial because they are The Most Hated Family in America.

Speaking of which, here’s part one of the documentary by Louis Theroux, The Most Hated Family in America:

hope you all enjoyed that crash course in crazy.

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Cancer and Healthcare

I guess we’re not supposed to rely on healthcare if we have cancer. Instead, rely on “government programs” or “charity”… mmmhhhmmm. gee, thx.

O, house minority whip ERIC CANTOR, you’re so silly.

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